These are both from my visit to one of my best friends who moved literally to the middle of nowhere NM. When we drove up to his place, 3 hours out of Albuquerque, still 1/2 from his Adobe he was like, "see that, that's it!" A small Adobe with solar panels larger than the whole structure. We cruised around NM a couple days just driving and thinking putting together commentaries on everything. Somehow the topic of pantyroses came up. In case you don't know what a pantyrose is...(have you ever been to a bodega there in the city?) it is scratchy lace panties rolled up to look like a rose. This raised numerous ?s. Like how does one give a pantyrose and look smooth. Do they buy 11 real roses and slip it in? He had no clue what I was talking about until we stopped in this little town. Something named fire but in Spanish. First one we saw in an hour. There was only one General store so we went in to get water, etc. Right on the counter was a vase of pantyroses. Perched behind it was a knife display. This was all at the end of an aisle of fishing tackle which comprised half the inventory of the store and included live bait. "So I'll take a pantyrose, that blade with the pearl handle and $5 of worms. Thank you!" Oh! where's the lake, river, ocean to fish? It was desert territory. I had to be real sneaky taking this because they were right on the counter and there was someone sitting there talking on the phone. As we continued on in our travels in his candy apple red, '63 Ford Falcon Futura I happened to snooze off with all the excitement. Those seats are like couches. When I awoke he told me we passed a Road Kill Cafe. I made him turn around and drive 1 hour and 23 minutes total, he made me clearly aware, backtrack so I could see. Wel, yes I did threatened to jump out and walk for this one. There it was. Note: As if you couldn't tell by the quality of these pixs, they have not been altered in any fashion.