1 Feb 1996

    What is the role of accidental encounters in the development of thought? These happen at any given moment and pass unnoticed, over and over again. Because they are left behind, inconsiderable, they slip easily into the active cre vices of our mind. I believe we hold onto most of what we encounter on a daily basis and, because these details become so complex, are pushed aside in favor of the larger issues that confront us. But, what is the cumulative effect over time of this freq uent inundation?

    In Version 1.0 of this site I compared images that are accidentally encountered with those purposefully arranged in our path. Both of these seed our minds, except that images that w e happen upon are perhaps less predictable in their effect and therefore more interesting. This site was begun as a means to present images that were not intended to be seriously considered or addressed and to raise the larger issues of their impact on m emory and perception.

    Most of the time, these found photos are junk; they arrive in your hand, and then quickly leave it. But occasionally, these pictures stick in the mind for days. After only a glimpse, I could have an accidental image memorized and could describe it in detail. What happens to these images of images, as they accumulate in the mind, mixing with others. Is this how our fantasies and dreams become wallpapered? Do they affect the way we envision new ideas, and thereby affect their cr eation?

    Judging from the response this site has gotten over the past few months, I'm not alone in being entertained by these anomalies. There've been numerous submissions from new visitors, and even more messages of encouragement. I'm de veloping an archive of email, so that visitors can see the many compliments the site has received and hyperlinking their stories and descriptions of photos to the photos themselves. Stay tuned for some new additions to the site. My wish list includes (b esides the email archive, file uploading to simplify the submission process and a bio page about your humble editor. Do come back.