Photos on the Web
21 Apr 1997

  1. An intimate view of farmers in Saskatchewan from Brent Hume, provides an intense vision of these workers by one of their peers.
  2. The orginator of the latest incarnation of the Linked Ring, J.D. Sapir maintains the stalwart Fixing Shadows site, which has its own Found Photos section.

  3. Odd photos posted by Avishai out west.
    1. Some mugshots
    2. And some girlie photos from the '60s

  4. Visit the NearbyCafe run by A.D. Coleman (the person who helped introduce me to the fascination with perchance artworks). While there, be sure to visit the Museum of Find Arts -- a fine collection of photos & artworks found, as well as a comprehensive link page.

  5. Family photos

  6. Directory of Photo Exhibits on the Web. It has every site I know of, except mine!

  7. A simple photo of a wall of beer cans. (Though it is 191k)

  8. Postcards that are submitted to grue's site are posted.