Wait, don't tell me...you find images laying around also!?

Do you mean, we've something in common??
Do read on!

Maybe you'd like to join in on the fun here...it could only get better with the contributions of others. Now, this doesn't mean to send me every tom, dick, and barry of a photo that happens under your shoe, but only the ones that levitate, ok?

So, when you've found one that you like, scan it, jpeg it, and attach it to a friendly email (edb@interport.net) that tells a small story about how it was found (try to remember--I've managed to forget most of my stories). Then I'll put them up here (if, of course, it passes the scrutiny of our one sophisticated, erudite, and intellectual Editor in Chief -- ahem -- at Figure 1, but he's pretty easy).
Simple, no?